CEP: April 2010

What will you be doing on Thursday, April 22? At CEP, our critical-path activity will be performing a final on-screen check of the pages that will become the May issue. But we will also make time to celebrate Earth Day. I hope you will, too...

Designing Four-Pass Trays

Back To Basics
Daniel R. Summers
Use this procedure to design four-pass distillation column trays and to balance the vapor/liquid ratio on each tray panel.

Preventing Maldistribution in Multi-Pass Trays

Reactions and Separations
Richard Dionne, Henry Z. Kister, Matthew R. Olsson, Walter J. Stupin
This method, based on hydraulic equations in the open literature, calculates vapor/liquid distribution in four-pass trays to correctly predict flooding and efficiency.

Contemplating a New Phase of Your Career

Career Catalyst
Lisa L. Walker
Today’s employment environment has altered the concept of “career.” If you are attempting to change jobs or enter a different industry — or even considering a second career — it is important to understand your motivations and proceed with care.

Preparing Invention Disclosures

William D. Hall
The patent process can be a costly journey down a long and winding road. An invention disclosure serves as a roadmap for preparing the patent application and ultimately obtaining a valid, enforceable patent.
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