CEP: September 2009

Many of my fondest memories are of vacations enjoying America's natural wonders. I'm partial to some of the national parks out west - Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Arches, Bryce, Zion. I could sit for hours next to an ocean, a waterfall or a babbling brook...

Whatever Happened to the Class of 2009?

News Feature
Gordon Ellis
Regardless of their current employment status and personal outlook, the new class of chemical engineering graduates is con?dent that they possess a unique versatility and capacity to make good and do good.

What Does It Mean To Be Green?

Phillip E. Savage, P.E.
Sustainability encompasses green chemistry and green engineering, among other concepts. This article explores some of the principles of sustainability and provides a framework for developing a lifecycle approach to chemical engineering.

Handle Bulk Solids Safely and Effectively

Fluids and Solids Handling
Greg Mehos and Eric Maynard, Eric Maynard
Follow these guidelines for proper design of bins, hoppers, and feeders to avoid operational and safety problems.

Choosing Trays and Packings for Distillation

Back To Basics
Bruce S. Holden , Mark Pilling
Tower-related problems can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to diagnose and fix. Here’s how to avoid difficulties and improve operating efficiency.

Choose the Right Gas Sensor

Sandra Barnes
Selecting a sensor for continuous monitoring involves many considerations. This article discusses the types of sensors available, their applicability and limitations, and how to choose an appropriate sensor to protect people and equipment.
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