CEP: October 2009

"One of the largest reactive chemical accidents the CSB has investigated." That's how John Bresland, chairman of the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB), described the massive December 2007 explosion and fire at T2 Laboratories in Jacksonville, FL, that killed four employees and injured four others...

Managing Transportation Safety and Security Risks

Brad A. Fuller
Effective transportation risk management (TRM) balances safety and security with operational efficiency. When developing a TRM program, use this comprehensive framework and these practical techniques to identify and screen risks.

Working with Job Search Consultants and Recruiters

Career Catalyst
Lisa L. Walker
Search firms and executive recruiters can be powerful allies in a competitive employment environment.This article puts their role in context and provides guidelines on how to work effectively with them.

Understanding Operating Data

Back To Basics
Tony Cooper
Operating data offer valuable clues and are essential to managing and improving processes.However, they can also be misleading and hide the underlying issues.The principles and statistical tools presented here can help you make effective use of...
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