CEP: June 2009

Not a day goes by that I don't see something about climate change cross my desk. So, what is our role in the climate change space?...

Climate Change - What Does the Research Mean?

Critical Issues
Michael J. Economides, Xina Xie
Claims within the science community about whether and how global warming is affecting hurricane intensity and frequency, the ice field of Mount Kilimanjaro, and the polar ice masses are inconsistent and warrant further investigation before any...

Predictive Modeling in Catalysis - From Dream to Reality

On The Horizon
Ana G. Maldonado
In silicocatalyst optimization is the ultimate application of computers in catalysis. This article provides an overview of the basic concepts of predictive modeling and describes how this technique can be used in catalyst and reaction design.

Driving Profitability with Swaps and Exchanges

Frank Erzinger
Swap and exchange programs can significantly reduce logistics costs, as well as an organization’s carbon footprint. Despite its potential, the technique is often constrained by commercial, technical and operational concerns.

Predicting Emissivities of Combustion Gases

Heat Transfer
Alireza Bahadori, Hari B. Vuthaluru
Use this new correlation, which employs easy-to-solve algebraic equations to estimate gas emissivities, to simplify the design and optimization of boilers, furnaces and other combustion equipment.

The Case for Double Mechanical Seals

Back To Basics
Jack Berg
Using double mechanical seals as part of thermoplastic pumps can prevent costly downtime and environmental damage.
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