CEP: July 2008

Many of us participate in outreach activities aimed at informing the public about engineering and science and fostering interest in technical careers among students. Maybe you conducted a chemistry experiment at your child's school, judged a science fair, spoke at a career day, helped a troop of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts earn a technology badge, took your daughter or son to work ...

Science on a World Stage

News Feature
Gordon Ellis
The first annual World Science Festival takes Manhattan by storm, with 120,000 people celebrating scientific diversity.

Consider Natural Hazards in Process Safety Management

Frank F. Liserio Jr.
Incorporating hurricanes, earthquakes and other forces of nature into an integrated process safety management (PSM) program can enable you to effectively identify these hazards and manage the risks.

Use Exponential Functions to Correlate Temperature Dependence

Physical Properties
Faruk Civan
Use Exponential Functions to Correlate Temperature Dependence Asymptotic exponential equations may provide a more-accurate or easier-to-use representation of a property’s temperature dependence than commonly used polynomial expressions.

How Will You Manage?

Career Catalyst
Glen Rosentrater
Engineers typically don’t learn the “soft skills” of team and project management in school. Here is a game plan to help you supplement your technical expertise with effective leadership.
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