CEP: January 2008

January is a time to reflect on the year just past, and to look ahead at the year that is beginning. For AIChE, 2007 was a very good year, with positive membership growth for the second consecutive year, a net operating income of roughly $3 million, the launching of a new student membership initiative, and the CCPS sponsor list expanding to over 100 among the many highlights...

Minimize Wastes from Specialty Chemical Processes

Environmental Management
Michael Cipullo, Jeffrey Mueller
Use this holistic approach as the basis for a process development strategy to identify environmentally sound, cost-effective, low-waste-generating processes.

Use Model-Predictive Control to Improve Distillation Operations

Robert J. Conroy, Umesh Mathur, Robert D. Rounding, Daniel R. Webb
This methodology, based on steady-state and dynamic simulation, can be used to develop the necessary models— and avoid disruptive and costly step testing to the extent feasible.

Selecting Agitator Seals for Bioprocessing Applications

Fluids and Solids Handling
Gregory T. Benz, William Ho Liam Teng
Issues such as sterility, isolation and contamination must be considered when choosing seals for use in biotech and pharmaceutical processes. This overview describes common types of seals and offers guidance on selecting the appropriate seal for...
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