CEP: May 2007

I'd like to let you know about some recent developments that show how AIChE continues to be a leader when it comes to cooperative activities with other professional societies.

Selecting Nickel Alloys for Corrosive Applications

Paul Crook
Nickel and its alloys offer resistance to attack by a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis and salts, making these materials suitable for may CPI applications.

Dividing-Wall Columns Find Greater Appeal

News Feature
Gerald Parkinson
Conceived more than seven decades ago, dividing-wall columns are now only gaining widespread acceptance. The reasons— the drive to save energy and advances in computer technology that have overcome the burden of doing complex column internal designs.

Diagnosing Maldistribution in Towers

Reactions and Separations
Simon X. Xu
Gamma CAT-scan technology makes possible the collection of much more vital online process information than conventional diagnostic techniques.
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