CEP: September 2006

When thinking about the chemical engineering profession of the future, it is helpful to first examine the past, specifically for the purpose of identifying the core developments that collectively defined the field...

Rapid Process Design

Reactions and Separations
Professor Michael F. Doherty, Sagar B. Gadewar
Use this structured approach, which combines preliminary experimental data with predictive methods and heuristics, to quickly generate and screen process alternatives at the early stages of a new venture.

Understand Temperature Change in Process Stream Mixing

Heat Transfer
Anil K. Mehrotra, Dharmendra Tiwary
The isobaric and adiabatic mixing of process streams can yield an outlet stream temperature that is either in between, higher than, or lower than the inlet stream temperatures. This article uses simulation to explore temperature-change scenarios in...

Applying the Paradigm Case Method for Flowmeter Selection

Fluids and Solids Handling
Jesse Yoder
This effective approach to flowmeter selection involves a step-by-step method that begins by matching the application with the flowmeter(s). Then, a series of criteria are applied to narrow the selection.
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