CEP: May 2006

It is probably appropriate that this editorial is being written in a hotel room in Shanghai. When posed with the opportunity to share some views on whether or not AIChE should have a greater presence internationally, I am honored, yet humbled...

Designing Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Fluids and Solids Handling
Eric Maynard
Use this 9-step methodology to design and operate a reliable and cost-effective system to efficiently transport materials.

Industrial-Scale Flare Testing

Environmental Management
Charles Baukal, Mahmoud Fleifil, Jianhui Hong, Robert Schwartz
Advanced flare testing at full scale can help to ensure that the system operates as designed. This article explains what's involved and the parameters that should be measured and evaluated to demonstrate performance, reliability and safety.

Screening Reactive Chemical Hazards

Yen-Shan Liu
Use these tools to identify potentially reactive chemical hazards and avoid the expense of conducting numerous detailed hazard assessments.

Optimizing the Asset Management of Pumps

Asset Management
Mark Granger, Deane Horn
Integrating new advances in smart online pump monitoring and flexible communication technologies can improve pump reliability and performance while reducingcosts.
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