CEP: January 2006

Hydrogen, as the ultimate transportation fuel, has been the focal point for many discussions on the future energy economy. While this may still be the dominant subject of discussion in the mainstream media, it has been interesting to note the growing amount of attention that clean coal technologies have been receiving...

Designing Suspension-Mixing Systems

Fluids and Solids Handling
Pavel Ditl, Frantisek Rieger
Impeller and vessel geometries are key factors in selecting mixing equipment to efficiently suspend particulate solids in slurries

Optimizing Batch Operations

Reactions and Separations
Kah Loong Choong, Robin Smith
Use this novel method to optimize the operating conditions as they vary through time in batch processes.

Building Models from Simulator Runs

Computational Methods
Magali de Macedo, Aad van Veldhoven
The design-of-experiments approach has the advantage of providing the framework to build complex models with minimum use of time and effort.

Simplify Wastewater Treatment Process Design

Environmental Management
Elli Maria Barampouti, Sofia Mai, Apostolos Vlyssides
Unlike time-consuming conventional methods, this approach to designing a dissolved air flotation (DAF) plant requires only the physical characteristics of the flocs — their size and density, flowrate and temperature.

Match the Effort to the R&D Investment

Career Catalyst
Kelly Ibsen
Using a phased engineering approach to guide R&D projects will improve efficiency and avoid costly experimental excursions.
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