CEP: November 2005

When Katrina made landfall, I was vacationing in Maine, where I did not have access to a radio, television or even the use of a mobile phone. On my car drive back to New York, I quickly learned of the news, and saw its far-reaching impact when I went to refuel my car...

Prepare a Top-Notch Scope of Work

Stephen W. Maas
This comprehensive overview of what needs to go into a well-defined scope of work will be useful to chemical engineers who are new to project engineering and project management.

Modeling Accidental Releases

Environmental Management
Weiping Dai
This article compares several common dispersion models available in the public domain and offers guidance on selecting the appropriate one for a particular release.

A Hybrid Route to Chirally Pure Products

Reactions and Separations
Lionel O'Young , Christianto Wibowo
Chromatographic resolution coupled with crystallization can be your best option for manufacturing chirally pure products.
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