CEP: May 2005

In December 2002, scientists and engineers were elated thanks to an authorization bill, approved by Congress, that called for the doubling of the National Science Foundation (NSF) budget between the fiscal years (FY) 2002-2007...

Prevent Caking During Solids Handling

Fluids and Solids Handling
Brian H. Pittenger, Herman Purutyan, Gabriel I. Tardos
Use these guidelines to avoid potential caking problems. The key steps are to select a material characterization method, identify the factors that can be feasibly controlled and conduct tests to confirm that process/handling changes yield the...

Specifying Laser Scanning Services

Plant Design
Eric Hoffman
Increasingly, project managers are called upon to employ laser scanning technology. However, little information available to aid with its specification. This article discusses the basics of laser scanning and the parameters that should be included...

Destroying Organic Wastes: Thermal Oxidizer Basics

Environmental Management
Yehuda Goldshmid
This article describes the types of oxidizers, outlines the parameters that affect oxidizer choice, and provides guidance on specifying a thermal oxidizer system.

Use TRIZ in Reverse to Analyze Failures

Career Catalyst
Jack Hipple
Asking “how could I make this fail?” can help you to identify potential problems that you might not otherwise have considered.
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