CEP: March 2005

While hydrogen is clearly neither a magic bullet nor a short-term solution, we see no consensus as to what role hydrogen may ultimately play in future energy systems, or for how aggressively the U.S. should pursue research to address the many challenges that must be met to bring about this revolutionary change...

Prepare Now for REACH Compliance

Environmental Management
Beth Sirull
Pending legislation would require companies that make or use chemicals in the European Union to register those substances.

Sparking Creativity

Career Catalyst
James D. Weith
Try some of these strategies to light your creative fires and to fan their flames.

Guidelines for Selecting Sterilizing-Grade Filters

Fluids and Solids Handling
Philip Blosse, Monica Cardona
Determine if your bioprocess needs a sterilizing grade filter, and if so, use these guidelines to select the proper one for your application.
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