CEP: July 2005

When I first heard that James D. Watson was the recipient of the 2005 Othmer Gold Medal given out by the Chemical Heritage Foundation, I was curious as to how his contributions tied into the world of chemical engineering and chemistry...

What’s the Price of Steam?

Heat Transfer
Robin Smith, Petar Varbanov
Realistic steam prices are necessary for the efficient operation of a chemical production site, both to allocate realistic costs to the different businesses on the site and to provide a true economic incentive for energy conservation.

Designing a Scrubber to Control Emergency Releases

Environmental Management
Jeffrey Michael Forde, Joseph W. Hower., Anne McQueen, Sunil Ojha
Here are guidelines for determining the scope of the control system, sizing the enclosure, and specifying the scrubber design.

Converting a Commercial Distillation Column into a Research Tower

Reactions and Separations
Ralph Weiland
Operating a column under actual distillation conditions is important for obtaining commercially valid hydraulic data. This article describes how a column was modified to operate in either a production or a research mode to collect hydraulic and mass...

Adopt Integrated Product Teams for Process Development

Jeffrey Mueller, Larry Scotchie, Kelly Seheult
The cross-functional IPT approach can be combined with a stage-gate framework and six sigma techniques to improve the effectiveness of process development efforts.
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