CEP: February 2005

The reaction to my article, "Demystifying the Hydrogen Economy"(Nov. 2004; pp. 5-6), was overwhelmingly positive, and I am grateful to the respondents who expressed kind words. But, let me offer further insight into points raised by some respondents...

Understanding Management Styles

Career Catalyst
Peter E. Friedes
Are you naturally a “relater” or a “requirer”? Understanding how you relate and require will help you make the changes you need to be a more effective manager.

Modeling Production-Chain Information

Information Technology
Jeffrey D. Kelly
Data alone is not information. Use this model to transform data into vital information for decision making.

Steam Trap Troubles?

Heat Transfer
Trinath Sahoo
First, prevent problems by selecting the appropriate trap and installing it properly. If problems arise, follow these guidelines for diagnosing and correcting them.

Pumping System Head Estimation

Fluids and Solids Handling
James Anthony
These spreadsheets highlight losses, uncertainties and value of power used, helping you optimize pumping system designs and save on operating costs.
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