CEP: December 2005

Two key areas that have been widely covered not only in CEP, but in the mainstream media, are energy security and the exponentially growing biotech sector...

Safely Handle Powdered Solids

Fluids and Solids Handling
Stanley S. Grossel, Russell Kahn, Daniel E. Silva, Robert Zalosh
Understand some of the accident scenarios that result in dust explosions, and follow these suggestions for preventing them.

Make Your Plant More Energy-Efficient

Heat Transfer
Alan P. Rossiter
Improve energy management by optimizing current equipment and operations, implementing economic investments, and engaging in sustaining activities.

Forging Career Security

Career Catalyst
David Madison
Eight things to do when you’re not job hunting.

The Hydrogen Economy Is Coming - The Question is Where?

On The Horizon
Charles W. Forsberg
The end of the oil age is coming. While the replacements for oil are uncertain, the leading candidates have one thing in common — the need for massive quantities of hydrogen in the production process.
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