CEP: April 2005

In "Demystifying the Hydrogen Myth,"Dr. Shinnar makes several important points related to generating electricity and storing hydrogen, but his oversimplification of the R&D needs and the prospects for solar electric (photovoltaics/PV) suggests that he may not be fully conversant with the latest exciting achievements in this field...

Alarm Management for Regulated Industries

Joseph S. Alford
This article focuses on the regulatory drivers for alarm management, summarizes key practices, and challenges automation vendors to devise new ways to help customers implement more-effective alarm systems.

Improve and Maintain Cooling Tower Efficiency

Heat Transfer
James L. Willa
Changing maintenance and/or operating procedures can significantly increase cooling tower performance without major capital expenditures. Here are some tips for ensuring proper design and operation of major tower components.

Addressing the Hazards of Data Omission from MSDSs

James C. Mulligan
If certain chemicals lack physical hazards data, suppliers must be proactive to keep workers safe. Here’s how to determine dust flammability and reactivity data for inclusion on MSDSs.

Solve Problems Inventively

Career Catalyst
Jack Hipple
The TRIZ methodology encourages you to approach problems from a different angle. Here’s a primer on the basics of the technique and the tools available to implement it.
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