CEP: November 2004

As you've probably heard, AIChE's recent initiatives in biotechnology, nanotechnology and sustainability are meeting with considerable success. The Society for Biological Engineering is holding conferences that bring disciplines and industries together to help realize the benefits of bioprocessing, biomedical and biomolecular applications...

Understand Flow Patterns in Glass-Lined Reactors

Reactions and Separations
Kevin J. Bittorf, David S. Dickey, Keith E. Johnson , Christopher J. Ramsey
Physical modeling and computer simulation provide insights into the performance of a glass-lined reactor.

Improve Solids Handling During Thermal Drying

Fluids and Solids Handling
John W. Carson, Herman Purutyan, Thomas G. Troxel
Follow these guidelines for ensuring the proper flow of slurries, pastes and wet powders to achieve a dried product with the desired characteristics.

Get the Most for Your Emissions Testing Buck

Environmental Management
Robert M. Neimeier
A successful emissions testing program involves understanding the purpose of the testing, preparing a request for proposal, eveloping a protocol and entrusting the job with the right person.

Launching a Website for Your Small Business

Career Catalyst
Cynthia F. Mascone, Joseph A. Roseti
Here’s how to develop a successful Internet presence without the dedicated web staff and financial resources of a large corporation.
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