CEP: May 2004

According to statistics released by the National Science Foundation, U.S. R&D is projected to have increased from $276.4 billion in 2002 to $283.8 billion in 2003 - a mere 1% after accounting for inflation...

Collect and Destroy Emissions Safely

Environmental Management
Tony Ennis
Vent collection and destruction systems are complex, and their safety depends on the proper integration of the discrete elements. This article provides guidance on how to achieve that.

Implementing an EHS Management Information System

Information Technology
Jill Barson Gilbert
Information technology issues are just as important as business and environmental, health and safety considerations. Follow these ten tips to deply an effective EMIS with a positive return on investment.

Shaping a New Role for the Operator

Ian  Nimmo, Peter  Bullemer,  Sandra  Foreman
In the future, operating teams may proactively manage their plants to maximize safety and minimize environmental impact, while pushing the processes to their optimal limits. Here's how to achieve the necessary paradigm shift by giving operators an...

Getting Your Message Across

Career Catalyst
Margaret Clarke Hunt, Denise Price Hosier
Engineers play an important role in the marketing of products, processes and services. Here's a short course on the basics of marketing communications to help you be effective in that role.
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