CEP: July 2004

AIChE is pursuing a strategy that is changing the Institute's activities to assure continued relevance to chemical engineers of the future. As you all know - and as previous articles in CEP have documented (Jan. 2002 "Road Ahead"special report) - our profession is undergoing some very significant transitions...

Knock, Knock. Who’s There? The EPA Inspector!

Environmental Management
Lee D. Hoffman ,  Ronald W. Zdrojeski
Preparation and training can help minimize your facility’s — and your own — vulnerability to criminal prosecution for environmental violations.

Avoid Sulfolane Regeneration Problems

Reactions and Separations
Donald F. Schneider
The regeneration of sulfolane, a common extraction solvent, is difficult. With proper attention to design and operation, problems can be minimized.

Dynamic Capacity Modeling of Product Development

Information Technology
Prashant B. Kokitkar, Brian E. Hartman, Jospeh S. Alford Jr.
Avoid large work queues by proactively anticipating the resource needs of your company using dynamic capacity models.

Hiring the Right Consultant

Career Catalyst
Peter R. Lantos
Follow these suggestions for identifying and validating a consultant, as well as for making the most effective use of the consultant’s expertise.
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