CEP: September 2003

Corporate strategy in the U.S. places high importance on R&D because of its proven capability to improve competitiveness and profitability. However, research is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary and corporations can no longer house all competencies necessary to stay competitive...

Simulating Aqueous Processes

Reactions and Separations
Joel B. Christian
Simulation that includes aqueous modeling can also account for full vapor/liquid/solid equilibria modeling, including redox chemistry.

Reduce Unplanned Shutdowns

Cindy Scott
Today's intelligent devices are equipped with modern alarm technology that enables speedy delivery of critical information to key personnel, thus enhancing efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Profiting From Your Pumping System

Fluids and Solids Handling
Aimee McKane  , Vestal Tutterow,  Don Casada
Identify ways to minimize the lifecycle costs of your pumping system

Develop an Effective Crisis Management Strategy

Steve Wilson
A thorough crisis-management plan will enable your organization to respond to a crisis promptly and appropriately. Here's how to develop an effective plan.

Great Companies for Women Engineers

Career Catalyst
Cynthia F. Mascone
The keys to building a talented workforce: benefits that enable employees to balance their work and personal lives; stimulating and challenging assignments; and a culture that allows all employees to reach their full potential.
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