CEP: May 2003

Back in late February, many of you may have received an email survey asking your opinion about the value of CEP and whether or not we should be placing more emphasis on the online version...

Optimize Power Consumption in Aerobic Fermenters

Reactions and Separations
Gregory T. Benz
By performing the necessary pilot work, and rigorously calculating the full-scale performance instead of using simple rules-of-thumb, significant energy savings can be achieved in fermenters.

How to Scale-Up Mixing Processes in Non-Newtonian Fluids

Fluids and Solids Handling
Christopher Henry , Robert J. Wilkens,  Lew E. Gates
This article will describe the relationships that must be understood to scale-up fluid mixing processes in non-Newtonian, power-law fluids. The principles described apply to both close-clearance impellers, such as anchors and helixes, and to open...

Evaluating Chiller Performance

Heat Transfer
Charles Churchman
Use these simple temperature and flow measurement techniques to evaluate chilled-utility performance and identify the most cost-effective upgrades.

Improve Your Telephone Skills

Career Catalyst
Make the most of this important tool by practicing some common sense and good etiquette. RobertW.Bly-
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