CEP: July 2003

For those of you wondering what exactly is on the cover of this month's CEP, step back nearly 500 years ago and think chymistry, the archaic spelling of chemistry, which was once synonymous with alchemy...

Real World Modeling of Distillation

Reactions and Separations
Harry Kooijman, Rajamani Krishna , Ross Taylor
Previously, simulations based on nonequilibrium, or rate-based, models were considered impractical due to their complexity. However, with ever-increasing computing power, these simulations are not only feasible, but in some circumstances they should...

Handling Flammable Liquids

Fluids and Solids Handling
James C. Mulligan
Identify electrostatic hazards associated with liquid processing and understand the precautions available to control them.

Managing Your Job Search

Career Catalyst
Elizabeth Feehan
The key to effective job search is organization. Follow this plan to keep you campaign on track and keep track of your campaign.
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