CEP: February 2003

Pollution control and pratical economics don't always go hand-in hand. In fact, they have often been at odds with each other. For instance, in te past, the EPA would essentially tell companies how to reduce their emissions- familiarly known as the "command- and control" approach...

Test Your Incinerator Knowledge

Environmental Management
Richard J. Martin
Do you feel like you're in the dark? Take this quiz to find out how much you know about thermal oxidizer selection and operation.

Track Condenser Performance

Heat Transfer
Brad Buecker
An effective monitoring program can extend equipment life, improve operations, and yield substantial energy savings.

Screw Feeders: A Guide to Selection and Use

Fluids and Solids Handling
Hermann J. Feise, Steven W. Couch, Thomas L. Krieger, Timothy Bell
Gain insight as to what screw feeder is best for your application. Plus, learn how to size, specify and test screw feeders.

Computationally Evaluate Self-Reactivity Hazards

Reactions and Separations
Edward S. Shanley, Michelle R. Murphy, Surendra K. Singh
Here is a method that rates the tendency of new compounds to self-explode without the need to perform extensive laboratory tests.

Control and Optimize Nonlinear Systems

Andrew C. Burden, Pradeep B. Deshpande, Roberto Z. Tantalean
Turbocharging a contrained model predictive controller (CMPC) with fuzzy logic allows CMPCs to be applied over nonlinear systems
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