CEP: December 2003

As a professional in the chemical industry, you've probably never considered the impact this sector can have on the educational success of students in this country. And you may not have considered that even though the chemical industry's output will grow over the course of the next decade, a recent U.S. Dept. of Labor report offers a glimpse at a radically different job market for future chemical workers...

Matching Your Process Constraints Using Dynamic Simulation

Information Technology
Iban Grau, Jose J. Macias-Hernandez, Miquel A. Alos
A rigorous dynamic process simulator can be used to evaluate alternative control strategies for an exothermic reacting process in order to improve its safety and product quality.

Evaluating Dryers for New Services

Heat Transfer
Charles G. Moyers
Continuous dryers are accurately and easily evaluated using laboratory-scale simulators combined with the specific drying rate approach.

The Price is Right -- Or Is It?

Glen Rosentrater - 
Contractors' quotes often differ significantly -- by up to 30% is not uncommon, and may be legitimate. Here's how to analyze bids to be able to award a fairly priced contract.

Marketing Your Professional Expertise to Attorneys

Career Catalyst
Rosalie  Hamilton
When you see an expert testify in a legal case on TV and think I could do that, you may be right. Here's what you need to know to become a litigation support consultant.
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