CEP: April 2003

People are the most important asset when it comes to developing or refining technology. "Without intellectual capital, steel and concrete in the ground are unlikely to meet long-term profitability requirements,"said William H. Joyce, chairman and CEO of Hercules, and this year's recipient of the prestigious Perkin Medal...

Limiting Shift-Work Fatigue in Process Control

Brad A. Walker, Karen D. Smith, Milena D. Kekich
Disrupting normal sleep/wake cycles causes fatigue and reduces alertness. Here are some preventive measures that can improve the performance of employees in 24-h operations.

Avoid Internet Pitfalls

Information Technology
Tim Headley
When developing your website, take these preventative measures to steer clear of any potential lawsuits.

Work Effectively with Your Patent Attorney

Career Catalyst
Steven J. Helmer
By understanding the basics of patent law and by establishing a close working relationship with your attorneys, you can ensure that you receive the broadest possible patent protection.
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