CEP: October 2002

We're not talking about heat transfer here. If you're the parent of an adolescent, you know that expression means "relax"- as in "Chill out, Mom, this purple hair dye will fade."...


Career Catalyst
Robert W. Bly
Follow these simple techniques to help you reduce stress and tension on the job.

Outsourcing Environmental Compliance

Environmental Management
Stephen W. Blocki
Save money and reduce risks by contracting responsibility for maintaining compliance to a pollution-abatement expert.

Can We Believe the Simulation Results?

Reactions and Separations
Henry Z. Kister
Be careful of these key issues that may generate differences between a distillation-tower simulation and its actual performance. Simulations do not always square with nuts-and-bolts reality.

Don't Get Burned Picking Dry-Type Flame Arresters

Fluids and Solids Handling
Stanley G. Grossel
These commonly used devices rely on an internal medium to extinguish flame fronts and take the punch out of shock waves, protecting piping, equipment and personnel. Selecting such equipment involves considering the probable type of combustion,...
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