CEP: March 2002

More and more chemical engineers are becoming leaders and innovators in the biotechnology/pharmaceutical sector of the chemical engineering industries. "Traditionally, microbiologists have played a dominant role in bioreaction development, with assistance from multiple disciplines, including biochemists, geneticists and chemical engineers,"writes this month's cover-story author, John Williams, general manager of EPS: Environmental & Production Solutions, LLC (pp. 34-41)...

Keys to Bioreactor Selection

Reactions and Separations
John A. Williams
A few basic types of bioreactor designs are used to produce a wide range of products, from antibiotics to foods to fuels. Here's how to pick the best options for your application.

Controlling NOx Emissions - Part 1

Environmental Management
Mike Bradford
NOx emission standards are becoming very tight, especially in the Houston area and in Southern California. Among the technologies to meet these standards are process modifications and energy efficiency improvements, as well as advanced burner...

Reshaping Process Safety Regulations

Walter L. Frank
Changes to OSHA's PSM rule and EPA's RMP programs are underway, due to pressures from various groups and the need for greater security.

Optimize Pipeline Design for Non-Newtonian Fluids

Fluids and Solids Handling
 Edgar Amaro  Ronces, Cinthya Alejandra Anguilar Guerrero, Alejandro Anaya Durand
Use this graphical method to determine pipe diameter, fluid temperature and pressure drop for laminar and turbulent flow.
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