CEP: February 2002

Any discussion of energy and the environment is not complete without an engineer's perspective of the present and future scenario for fuel cells. In August, General Motors announced that it is developing stationary proton-exchange-membrane (PEM)-based fuel cell systems for homes and office buildings...

Integrate EHS for Better Process Design

Process Development
Lisa Bendixen
Get a jump on process development by addressing environmental, health and safety (EHS) issues together early in the design and development cycle. The result will be a better process and lower costs.

Optimize Mixing by Selecting the Proper Baffles

Fluids and Solids Handling
Julian B. Fasano, Kevin J. Myers, Mark F. Reeder
It is common knowledge that baffles promote better flow in an agitated vessel, but how to apply them and what kind to use take some ingenuity.

Get More Out of Single-Stage Distillation

Reactions and Separations
Ernest A. Perkins , Ryan C. Schad 
Try these practical ways to boost capacity, increase product quality or reduce cycle time in batch and continuous systems.

Step into the Virtual Plant

Gregory K McMillan, Mark S Sowell III, Michael M Mansy
The ability to warehouse process and control system knowledge offers a vast potential for improved operations by sharing a common source of information and avoiding data duplication.

Keeping Global Teams Going

Career Catalyst
Lionel F. Laroche
Global teams can maintain their effectiveness by using the right communication tools, following good communication practices, working at building and maintaining trust, and taking cultural differences into account.
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