CEP: December 2002

Tackling sensitive and timely issues that impact the general public and in which chemical engineers can play a key role is the continuing theme of the Critical Issue Series (CIS; p. 15)...

Shortcut Distillation Calculations via Spreadsheets

Reactions and Separations
Jake Jevric, Muhammad E. Fayed
This method uses a numerical solution to the McCabe-Thiele diagram to find the theoretical number of stages for binary and pseudo-binary systems,then calculates the actual number of stages, reflux ratio and column dimensions.

Decommissioning Process Plant Facilities

Lou Phillips
Whether the plan is to shut down an entire plant, or just a portion of it, a definitive plan must be in place. Here is a step-by-step procedure to guide you through the process.

Use E-mail Effectively

Career Catalyst
Gary Blake
These tips will help improve your e-mail style and make sure that your e-mail is effective intrinsically, as well as fitting the new electronic expectations of a wide range of cyber colleagues.

Evaluating the Economics of Desalination

Heat Transfer
Hisham M. Ettouney, Hisham T. El-Dessouky, Peter J. Gowin, Ron S. Faibish
This article presents an in-depth analysis of thermal and membrane desalination economics and outlines a simple procedure for calculating the unit product cost for various desalination processes.

Applying Bus Technologies in Process Control

Ed Smigo
Fieldbus technologies have become increasingly popular in process control applications. This article highlights the practical applications and economics of various buses, so that an engineer can choose the best one for his or her process.

Understand the Capabilities of Bio-Oxidation

Environmental Management
James T. Boswell
Relatively uncomplicated design and simple operation and maintenance requirements make biofiltration a good option for many types of air emissions control.
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