CEP: April 2002

Global climate change, alternative energy options, and the viability of nuclear energy - these are all issues that affect us on all levels. Chemical engineers are working in all facets of these areas, whether it is in researching trends, developing more environmentally friendly processes, or even dealing with the political aspects of these issues...

Controlling NOx Emissions - Part 2

Environmental Management
Mike Bradford
NOx reduction technologies include selective catalytic reduction, selective noncatalytic reduction, and catalytic oxidation/scrubbing.

Should You Use Enhanced Tubes?

Heat Transfer
Graham T. Polley, Mohamad R. Jafari Nasr
Following this procedure to identify a basic exchanger geometry without performing a full exchanger design and to evaluate where and when heat transfer enhancement can be of benefit.

Tracing Process Problems

John E. Hoots
In water chemistry control, fluorescent tracing technology can quickly and effectively determine and deal with the root cause of a problem.
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