CEP: November 2001

Chemical engineers are probably some of the most versatile people you will find throughout many different industries, such as petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, information technology, semiconductors, food and beverage, and even publishing...

Preventing Pollution Around the World

Environmental Management
J. J.  Rao
By implementing these strategies at all of its overseas facililities, an international corporation can reap such benefits as increased efficiency, reduced costs and a positive public image.

Size Letdown Lines for Pressure Surges

Fluids and Solids Handling
Gianni  Anci
A high-pressure gas flow in a letdown circuit can cause damage to piping and equipment. Here is how to design a system to avoid damage should a pressurized gas flow occur GianniAnci-

Succeed in Business in Germany and Switzerland

Career Catalyst
Leonore  Clauss, Lionel F. Laroche 
Interactions with the Germans and the Swiss may seem easy, but it's important to understand their way of thinking and their approach to doing business.
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