CEP: June 2001

Heated discussions about global climate change have been taking place for years. But, in recent months, this topic has received a great deal of attention as a result of President Bush's announcement that he will not honor the 1997 Kyoto Protocol requirements that were accepted by the Clinton Administration (CEP, January, p. 25)...

Finding Your Career Path by Finding Yourself

Career Catalyst
Eileen  Sharaga - 
Having an understanding of your skills and talents, particularly transferrable ones, will lead you to greater self-awareness, which will give you a greater capacity for achieving success.

Optimize Heat Exchanger Cleaning Schedules

Heat Transfer
Bruce A. Barna, Chris D. Gosling, Brendan R. O'Donnel
Get the most out of your heat exchanger by evaluating the trade-offs between a one-time expenditure and reduced operating expenses, increased income, and/or longer operating life span. Brendan R. O'Donnell - Bruce A. Barna - Chris D. Gosling -

Take Another Look at Steam Traps

Fluids and Solids Handling
S. Raghavi  Chari
Think twice before installing a steam trap. In the case of superheated lines, steam traps may prove to be a waste of time, effort, and money

Uncovering the Realities of Simulation, Part 2

Computational Methods
Andrew  Vieler, Marco S. Satyro, Rajeev  Agarwal, Yau-Kun Li,  Oscar  Santollani
Simulation software is a commonly used design tool, thanks mainly to its availability on the desktop. However, one has to understand thermodynamic basics before accepting the desktop's final answer.

Select the Right Spray Nozzle

Reactions and Separations
Peter  Welander, Terra L. Vincent
Finding the proper nozzle for specific applications doesn't have to be difficult. By applying basic concepts of nozzle technology, you can create a droplet profile that best suits your needs.

Account for Uncertainty in New Product Development

Gavin  Sinclair ,  Gary Blau
New product development projects can be risky business. Learn how to incorporate uncertainty and risk analysis into the new product development process.
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