CEP: July 2001

Acheiving cleaner and more sustainable processes, while saving money on raw materials and capital assets, may seem too good to be true at first glance. However, a review of the technologies that are available today will show that this goal is attainable - if we look to process integration technologies (p. 30)...

10 Tips for Managing Your Career

Career Catalyst
Bettina  Seidman
Get interpersonally fit by improving your work relationships and honing your communication skills

Burning Bright: Trends in Process Integration

Process Development
Nick  Hallale 
Process integration has a far wider scope and touches every area of process design. Industries are making more money from their raw materials and capital assets, while becoming cleaner and more sustainable.

Minimize Enforcement Penalties

Environmental Management
Jessica L. Idzerda
Identify possible New Source Review/Prevention of Significant Deterioration penalties by conducting an internal audit and disclosing potential violations.

Validate Your Engineering Software!

Michael  Tanzio
You really can't guarantee that applications work correctly unless you take specific steps to validate the software.
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