CEP: January 2001

In the past few months, you hopefully have heard the buzz about the changes afoot at CEP. Certainly, the last few issues have shown that attractive graphics and creative use of color can enhance the solid technical information that has long been a staple of this magazine...

Develop a Strategy for Residual Risk

Environmental Management
Mary F. McDaniel
Understand the implications of the pending regulations to better address residual risk and to develop an effective communications plan.

Effectively Control Column Pressure

Reactions and Separations
Andrew W. Sloley 
Maintaining proper pressure can play a crucial role in the stable operation of a distillation column. Here’s how to select the most appropriate pressure-control scheme.

Succeed in Business in the Far East

Career Catalyst
Lionel F. Laroche, Susan Morey
Understand what is expected of you when traveling to this burgeioning part of the world.

Six Steps to Effectively Update and Revalidate PHAs

David K. Whittle, Kevin  Smith
Process hazard analyses must be revamped — or redone from scratch — every five years by law. Following the guidance given here will facilitate this effort.
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