CEP: February 2001

Like most business and trade publications, CEP includes a reader service card- or bingo card as we sometimes call it- to enable you to request information from advertisers. Fill in your name and address, drop the card in the mail, and in a little while you have a catalog, data sheet or other literature from the company or companies whose "circle numbers" you indicated...

Take the Tedium Out of Writing Process Descriptions

Michael J. Gentilcore
Setting up a special function and a shorthand system on a spreadsheet can improve the descriptions needed for implementing a process control system, while minimizing the monotony in writing them.

Properly Purge and Inert Storage Vessels

George R. Kinsley Jr.
Inert gases are used to prevent fires and explosions in the vapor spaces of equipment. Correct selection of oxygen concentration and inert gas flow rate are critical to ensuring safety.

Prepare for a Different Future

Calvin B. Cobb
The U.S. industrial landscape is changing dramatically. This has significant implications for our profession and individual chemical engineers.

Choose Materials for High-Temperature Environments

Peter  Elliott
High temperatures, stresses, and the presence of elements such as oxygen, sulfur, or the halogens can add up to trouble. Here is how to screen candidate alloys for such service.
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