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Presentation Record Policy

Program Committee's Presentation Record Policy 

3.2 AIChE Presentation Record Policy

Speakers at AIChE spring and annual meetings (and other appropriate venues) are requested to submit a “presentation record” to AIChE by the meeting-specific submission deadline(s). This deadline (typically one to two months before the meeting) is established and published for each specific meeting. This requirement is established to serve the needs of meeting attendees, improve the quality of presentations, and to enable AIChE to publish the presentations/papers of the meeting (e.g., a CD available at the meeting and from AIChE after the meeting).

The “presentation record” should not be confused with the Proposal-to-Present (PTP) form (with abstract) that all prospective presenters are required to enter on the web earlier to initiate a request for acceptance of a presentation at the meeting. Each programming group (or area) is required to adopt specific criteria to satisfy this requirement for presentation records in its sponsored or cosponsored sessions. Minimum requirements for this presentation record are an extended abstract including an introduction, results and discussion (may be augmented with figures and tables, visual aids, poster panels), and references. For a given group, formal full-length manuscripts may be preferred for the presentation record.

Each programming Group or Area is responsible for disseminating their specific presentation record requirements to session chairs and ensuring their understanding of this requirement. Authors will be also advised on the specifics of the submission process, such as e-mail or hardcopy submission options and deadlines. Authors are advised to confirm any special format requirements with their session chairs well in advance of the presentation record submission deadline.