2022 ChemE Cube Competition Materials

The 2022 ChemE Cube Competition took place on Monday, November 14, 2022 in Phoenix, AZ. Required competition materials and documentation are available for download below. Teams should make sure to read all documents thoroughly.

Should you have any questions or require clarification, contact ChemECube@aiche.org.

Key 2022 Dates

March 31

Teams interested in competing in the 2022 ChemE Cube Competition sign up for a Virtual Qualifying Presentation Time Slot

April 13-15

ChemE Cube Virtual Qualifying Presentations take place. Teams provide a 20-minute presentation on their cube's preliminary design and value proposition with 10 minutes of Q&A.

May 1

Up to 10 teams are notified that they qualify to compete in the 2022 ChemE Cube Competition in Phoenix, AZ

August 23

2pm-3pm ET: 2022 Competition Prep Call; teams who qualify to compete will be required to participate in a Competition Prep Call.

October 14

5pm PT: Deadline for Engineering Design Package (EDP) Submission

October 28

5pm PT: Deadline for The Ad Submission

November 14

1st Annual ChemE Cube Competition, Phoenix, AZ

2022 Competition Materials