Education & Workforce Development

Through its RAPID Manufacturing Institute, AIChE is working with key partners to create breakthrough innovations to transform the process industries.

Why is Transforming Process Industries Important?

Traditionally, manufacturing plants are designed using the concept of economies of scale and a scale-up approach. To fully implement RAPID’s advances in process Intensification and modular equipment design will require a culture change in how industry processes are designed and implemented towards a modular, decentralized process.


Establish a technical education and workforce development program that will leverage existing resources to develop the workforce, who can then research, develop, and operate new process intensification (PI) & modular chemical process intensification (MCPI) solutions widely within U.S. industry. 

What Can You Expect?

How RAPID is Fulfilling its Mission:

PI & MCPI Body of Knowledge

  • Created by RAPID's EWD committee in 2017 and is constantly being updated and enhanced as new technologies become available and needs are identified.
  • Drives the curriculum and content development needs for target audiences.

eLearning courses

  • The first of which is scheduled to debut in 2018.

Webinar Series

  • A 10-part series on the Fundamentals of PI, led by PI expert Andrzej Stankiewicz, debuted in February 2018.

Student Intern Program

  • Pilot launching in summer 2018. Interns will work on RAPID projects, receive virtual PI leadership training, receive access to a virtual community of RAPID interns, and have the opportunity to present their final reports to a panel of RAPID members.

Education & Workforce Development Project Calls

  • Project calls open to RAPID members to develop lab or project-based face-to-face courses.

Faculty Workshops

  • In conjunction with AIChE's Spring and Annual Meetings


For more information on education and workforce development efforts in the RAPID Institute, contact Ashley Smith-Schoettker at