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TK Solver 5.0 Premium Edition

Free software for sharing Excel worksheets and mathematical models created in TK Solver 5.0 Premium Edition are now available, enabling users to dynamically link any number of mathematical models to an Excel spreadsheet and “package” the file without any programming. The new packaging feature automatically converts the file into a mini-application (e.g., .exe, .zip, .tkx) that can be shared with anyone, anywhere via the TK Solver Player for Excel. The Player is a collaborative math engine that can be downloaded from the UTS website free of charge. Once downloaded, it runs entirely behind the scenes and allows Excel users to take advantage of a wealth of TK Solver functionality. “Package recipients” can interact with the model by changing inputs and viewing the outputs, perform automatic unit conversions and iterative calculations, as well as take advantage of extensive NIST thermodynamic and transport property functions. Although totally interactive, the original formulas and models remain protected and the recipient is not able to view or modify them.


Universal Technical Systems, Inc. (UTS)


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