ProSafe-RS controllers

With an eye on the capital-intensive oil, natural gas, and petrochemical markets, this instrument maker has added optical remote control to its ProSafe-RS controllers. This new feature enables closer integration with the company’s Centum CS3000 R3 production control system. Typically, an instrument panel room and safety controller are installed in each process to monitor and operate safety field devices, such as emergency shutdown valves. ProSafe-RS’s optical remote-control function allows the instrument panel rooms and safety controller to be installed in a single location, for remote monitoring and operation. Safety field devices can be operated from the CS3000 R3 terminals. It is also possible to connect the ProSafe-RS system via HART communications with Yokogawa’s Plant Resource Manager software, an asset management system that integrates and manages maintenance information from field instruments.

Yokogawa Electric Corp.
Optical remote control improves the efficiency of large-scale production operations
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