Adsorption Basics

This Back to Basics article on adsorption may explain how to: 

• Identify strategies for selecting the best adsorbent, including various types of activated carbon, polymeric adsorbents, and zeolite molecular sieves, for a given adsorption challenge.
• Identify equipment used in...

Fundamentals of Jetmilling and Hammermilling

Jet milling and hammermilling are common size reduction operations in many chemical process industries. This article will present diagrams of milling equipment and describe equipment operation. It will also provide readers with tips for mill selection and selection of nozzles.

Solar Power

The first article provides an overview of concentrated solar power (CSP).

The second article discusses thermochemical energy storage, with a focus on ammonia-based thermochemical energy storage.

The third article covers solar thermochemical processing techniques.


Learn spreadsheet techniques to improve the quality, reliability and efficiency of your work.

2017 AIChE Salary Survey

Find out what chemical engineers are earning and how these numbers are trending. This article will present the results from AIChE’s biennial salary survey, which looks at a range of factors, including age, experience level, job function, and industry, as well as others, to see which variables...

New Breath Monitor Detects Flu Virus

February 13, 2017
A new tool has been developed to sniff out the flu: a hand-held breath monitor that detects the flu virus. The invention is the work of Perena Gouma, a professor in the Materials...


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