Process Safety Knowledge Transfer

Chemical engineers should be taught process safety during their undergraduate education, rather than wait for on-the-job training.

Intentional Competency Development

Intentional Competency Development ensures that all employees who impact process safety are fully capable of meeting the technical and behavioral requirements for their jobs.

Advanced Manufacturing

This article will discuss opportunities for chemical engineers in advanced manufacturing.

Disciplined Adherence to Standards

Disciplined Adherence to Standards means using recognized design, operations, and maintenance standards.  These standards are followed everytime, all the time, and are continually improved. 

Infringement: When Can the Actions of One be Attributed to Another?

Many inventions have two or more inventors, and many patents exist whose ownership is shared by two or more distinct entities. Neither joint inventorship nor joint ownership prevents a patent from being enforceable. This is not true, however, of joint infringement. Patents can indeed be found on...


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