Rosemount 8800D vortex flowmeter

The Rosemount 8800D vortex flowmeter enhances online vortex sensor maintainability while increasing safety for critical applications. Traditional vortex flowmeters need to be shut down to verify performance of the vortex sensor. The vortex sensor in the 8800D flowmeter is isolated from the process, so it can be maintained without shutting down the process. The flowmeter verifies the health of the transmitter by simulating the vortex flow signal.

ARC sensor system

The ARC sensor system measures pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. Each sensor has a built-in microprocessor that communicates with both analog (4–20-mA) and digital ModBus interfaces. Direct connectivity eliminates the need to send information through costly transmitters. Its signals are more robust and reliable than the low currents or voltages produced in classical measurement systems. The sensors can be precalibrated and configured in the lab, reducing costs and downtime associated with installation.

CO2 Sensor

This sensor measures gaseous carbon dioxide in two ranges: 0–10,000 ppm and 0–100,000 ppm. It connects directly to the manufacturer’s LabNavigator instrument for continuous monitoring, time-based experiments, and routine facility monitoring. The sensor monitors changes in CO2 levels in surrounding ambient air, respiration of organisms, and/or reactions in a chamber. It is easily calibrated using a single button, and operates in a humidity range of 5–95% (non-condensing).

Instrument System

This instrument system monitors plastics and chemicals processing online in real-time. Its central platform incorporates multiple sensors that can simultaneously measure electrical, optical, and rheological material properties. It can use dielectric, optical, fluorescence spectroscopy, pressure, ultrasonic, or temperature sensors that are positioned in ports along a slit die. As processed material flows through the slit, sensors monitor variations in properties caused by changes in process parameters.

XP105 balance

The XP105 balance reduces the risk of errors, increases efficiency and is easy to use in laboratory-weighing applications. It is configured by LabX balance PC software and features SmartSens, which allows weighing operations to be performed without touching the balance. Operators of traditional balances encounter difficulty touching a balance while wearing gloves, and since this unit is designed for the laboratory environment, gloves must be worn for safety reasons. The balance presents operators with on-screen instructions.

GENESYS 10S Vis, the GENESYS 10S UV-Vis, and the BioMate 3S spectrophotometers

The GENESYS 10S Vis, the GENESYS 10S UV-Vis, and the BioMate 3S spectrophotometers provide instrument control using embedded software that is strong enough for demanding analysis, but simple and straightforward enough for handling routine samples. They feature a front-panel USB port for method and data storage on removable memory devices, as well as printer and computer connectivity. Their easy-to-read liquid crystal display (LCD) is backlit for lower power usage and longer product life. The user-friendly software is driven from an integrated, chemical-resistant keypad.

FTIR spectroscopy gas-analysis system

This open-path Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy gas-analysis system monitors air to simultaneously detect, identify and measure a wide range of compounds.†Analysis is performed onsite through a continuous sampling path of up to 1,000 m. The analyzer is coupled to a control PC via a standard ribbon cable or a long-range fiber-optic link. For extended sample paths, the analyzer can be mounted to a 10-in. Newtonian telescope with a tripod. A high-energy infrared source module is located on the opposite end of the sample path.

Dualstream wet gas flowmeters

Dualstream wet gas flowmeters provide environmentally safe, reliable and universally accepted monitoring of total pressure, differential pressure and temperature. They are designed for direct installation at a wellhead or subsea gathering line, and have a typical lifespan of more than 20 years. The manufacturer customizes each meter to ensure its compatibility with other project equipment, such as remotely operated vehicles, subsea trees, gathering lines, available power, and communication devices.

NewClassic balance range

The NewClassic balance range has a robust metal housing that provides reliable protection and resistance to chemicals. Its user interface allows for intuitive operation, with new SmartKeys that offer direct access to preferred applications. Its high-contrast display makes results easier to read, compared with the Classic model this product replaces. Cleaning the balance is simple, requiring only 30 s to dismantle the glass panels and draft shield. It features built-in shock and overload protection to extend product life.

Oakton benchtop pH meter

The Oakton benchtop pH meter measures pH, mV, and temperature and has a liquid crystal display (LCD) that provides clear instructions for setup, measurement, and calibration. It provides up to five customizable calibration points and stores up to 100 readings, with real-time stamping, either manually or automatically at programmable intervals. The backlit 20-character alphanumeric two-line LCD prompts the user during measurement and calibration, and an advanced setup mode allows the meter’s parameters to be customized.


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