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2013 Chem-E-Car Winners Announced & Official Video

November 4, 2013

University of Tulsa took the 1st place Chem-E-Car Award this year coming in at 3.0. City College of New York and University of Houston took the 2nd and 3rd place awards, coming in at 6.0. and 13.0 respectively.

We received great coverage on the event. SFGate said:

It was Super Sunday for more than 30 U.S. college teams and a handful of international competitors. The field was a wooden parquet floor instead of Astroturf. The protective gear involved eye glasses and lab coats. And the battle was about brains, not brawn.

Read the story in full: “Chem car contest for engineering students like Super Bowl

See the 2013 official chem-e-car video, a list of all competitors, plus photo highlights on ChEnected.

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