Legacy Society Honors John Tao

September 4, 2013

The AIChE Foundation’s Legacy Society recognizes the foresight and generosity of people who have given special gifts, endowments, and other forms of long-term financial support to the Institute.

One recent Legacy Society inductee is John C. Tao, President of O-Innovation Advisors LLC (Allentown, PA). Tao, an AIChE Fellow and a recent Institute director, has named AIChE as a beneficiary of his charitable trust. This gift will provide funding for programs that will help AIChE to support the educational and professional enrichment of chemical engineers for years to come.

Tao, a former vice president of open innovation at Weyerhaeuser, says that soon after he retired from industry and established his consulting practice, he realized that his chemical engineering training — “the unique combination of technical know-how and management experience” — was his most valuable asset. As a consultant, he was reminded of the immense impact AIChE has had on his career, and he decided it was “time to give back.”

By naming AIChE as a beneficiary of the trust he and his wife, Rose, established, Tao hopes that the gift can leave a lasting legacy for the Institute. He adds, “I would like to see more young professionals stay involved with the Institute as they move up the management ladder in their careers.”

Through bequest provisions, life-income gifts, or other deferred giving arrangements that name AIChE a beneficiary of an estate plan, Legacy Society members achieve their own financial goals while providing enduring support for the Institute. Learn more about the Legacy Society at www.legacy.vg/aiche/giving/2.html.

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