AIChE's 2013 Salary Survey is Published

AIChE's 2013 Salary Survey is Published
June 6, 2013

Every other year in June, CEP Magazine publishes the AIChE Salary Survey, which provides information on the salaries of chemical engineers related to multiple factors and demographics. 

In turn, AIChE's blog ChEnected publishes a related series on benefits and salaries. The series consists of three posts, two of which are available now, with one to be added soon.

CEP: Editorial - ChE Salaries Rebound, But Gaps Remain

Two years ago, AIChE’s biennial salary survey found that chemical engineers’ salaries had stagnated and raises were the lowest they had been in two decades. Fortunately, the situation appears to have turned around somewhat.

The 2013 salary survey (pp. 12–19) reports a median salary of $120,000 — 9% higher than the $110,000 median of two years ago. Yet, while half of the respondents reported higher salaries in 2012 than in 2011, their median increase was 3.1% — statistically no different from the last survey’s median raise of 3.2%.

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ChEnected Series - Salaries & Benefits for Chemical Engineers - 2013

See what members are saying about the state of chemical engineering employment in 2013, as well as their thoughts on benefits and retirement plans.

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2013 AIChE Salary Survey

Chemical engineering salaries have increased over the past two years, reflecting an improved economy and job market for engineers. The median salary of survey respondents is $120,000 — a 9% increase over the median reported in 2011.

If you're a member, you can view the complete salary survey that appeared in print in the June 2013 issue of CEP, which includes tables, charts and more detail.

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