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AIChE Credential for Sustainability Professionals Courses

The following AIChE Academy eLearning courses are eligible for study as part of the AIChE Credential for Sustainability Professionals. Click on any title to see course details.

Supply and Value Chain Management for Engineers

Explore the strategies, best practices, risks and opportunities of supply and value chain management to optimize manufacturing costs and maximize profits. Course details.  

Essentials of Environmental Life Cycle Assessment

Get up-to-date on the latest advancements in this powerful and evolving toolset for managing environmental impacts and sustainability. Course details.

Professional Ethics & Excellence for Chemical Engineers

Gain an introduction to key issues in engineering ethics while you prepare to confront and resolve the inevitable ethical dilemmas you’ll encounter in your career. Course details.

Product Stewardship

Gain new insight into the practice of product stewardship from the perspective of chemical product manufacturers. Course details.

Process Safety Lessons Taught from Experience

This certificate reviews important case histories related to process safety. Course details.

Process Safety Management for Biodiesel

Learn how to improve your process safety management and eliminate and avoid the accidental release of chemicals in your plant. Course details.

Process Safety Management for Bioethanol

Throughout this course, you’ll tackle and solve a variety of issues and compliance challenges unique to the bioethanol environment. Course details.

Process Safety Management Overview

This course is an overview of the need for process safety and the tools used to implement process safety management systems. Course details.

Process Safety Leadership for Front-Line Supervisors

Gain the understanding of process safety concepts and the execution you need to successfully implement your organization’s game plan for safety. Course details.

Risk Assessment

Explore the latest methods for detecting, preventing and mitigating risks in plants. Course details.

20 Elements of Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS)

Learn the definition and importance of the CCPS Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) Management approach and its four pillars. Course details.

HAZOP Studies

Learn the concepts and techniques of the Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Study methodology, including preparation, team meeting facilitation and reporting. Course details.

Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

This course presents the Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) methodology used worldwide in the process industries for simplified, rule-based risk analysis. Course details.

Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers

This course is designed for technicians in the chemical industry and non-chemical engineers who work with or supervise chemical engineers and chemical engineering work. Course details.

Intellectual Property for Chemical Engineers

Understand the laws that surround the protection of ideas, discoveries, and inventions. Course details.