International Certificate on Sustainable Standards for Engineering Label

ICOSSE is a joint initiative of AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) and DECHEMA Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V. (Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology).

The key objective of the ICOSSE initiative is to find ways and means of conserving and protecting the environment and our natural resources while sustaining economic growth and promoting social justice across the generations. 

To this end, it is imperative to implement sustainable natural resource management, utilizing the natural and engineering sciences to provide the requisite scientific knowledge and technological innovations. 

Companies that implement this know-how and integrate it into their production can apply for the ICOSSE Certificate. The ICOSSE seal of certified sustainability and resource conservation will give you the competitive edge in the marketplace.

ICOSSE Label Questionnaire

The application questionnaire includes products, processes and services. It covers the following eight areas:

  • Safety
  • Environmental Performance
  • Product Stewardship
  • Social Responsibility
  • Value Chain
  • Innovation
  • Economics
  • Corporate Commitment

For each area several questions have to be answered which form the basis for the advisory group to rate the application.

The applicant can rate the performance for each category on a scale from 1 (very good), 2 (average), to 3 (poor). This rating is an important part of evaluating the integrity of the applicant in making a self-evaluation. If the evaluation is positive the applicant will receive a certificate and the right to use the ICOSSE logo for marketing purposes of the evaluated product or process. Otherwise, the advisory group will provide information on where improvements should be made.

The cost of the application is $1300 USD (1000 €), payable after filling the online application form below. The certificate is valid for a period of 3 years.

We recommend that you review the Microsoft Word version of the ICOSSE Label Questionnaire to consolidate your responses before filling the online application form.

ICOSSE Label Questionnaire (Microsoft Word)

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