Use (Water)

This term, when referring specifically to water use, is normally preceded by one of the following descriptive terms:

  1. Conjunction Water — The integrated use of surface and subsurface water supplies and facilities, normally involving storage of surplus waters when available, for use during periods when water supplies are deficient.
  2. Consumptive Water — The quantity of water discharged to the atmosphere or incorporated in the products in the process of vegetative growth, food processing, industrial processes, or other uses.
  3. Consumption Irrigation — The quantity of water that is absorbed by the crop and transpired or used directly in the building of plant tissue together with that evaporated from the cropped area.
  4. Multiple — The conscientious management of the various renewable resources such as water, wood, forage, wildlife, and recreation resources, to obtain sustained yield of products and services in the combination that will best meet the needs of the public now and in the future.

Also see Consumptive Use and Nonconsumptive Use.

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